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Volvo XC90 Review

Volvo XC90 Review Volvo XC90 is a midsize sports utility vehicle that can accommodate seven people with the guarantee of comfort without compromising its functionality. The latest and retouched versions of Volvo XC90 are those which are made available in the Indian market today. This version has the appearance of a saloon and SUV combined. This familiarity of the design of Volvo XC90 makes it a hip and easy choice of interested car buyers. Aside from its familiar design and feel, it also comes with premier quality and a remarkable driving experience. Engine... More Detail »

Volvo S80 Review

Volvo S80 Review Volvo S80 had been introduced in the market in 1998 as one of the promising Volvo sedans and was brought into production only recently in India. It was the first Volvo sedan to deviate from the typical boxy appearance of Volvo cars and led the way to producing modern car designs adapted by the other Volvo car models. Engine Volvo S80 engines come in three varieties in India namely D5, 3.2, and ... More Detail »