Volvo S80 Review

Volvo S80 Review

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Volvo S80 had been introduced in the market in 1998 as one of the promising Volvo sedans and was brought into production only recently in India. It was the first Volvo sedan to deviate from the typical boxy appearance of Volvo cars and led the way to producing modern car designs adapted by the other Volvo car models.


Volvo S80 engines come in three varieties in India namely D5, 3.2, and V8 AWD and all three come in automatic transmissions. Volvo S80 D5 is powered by 2400cc of diesel and can run up to 9.6 kmpl. D5 boasts of low fuel consumption, low carbon dioxide release-about 164 grams per liter, and lower nitrogen oxide levels. Also, it has a particle filter that reduces exhaust gases making for an environment-friendly engine. Meanwhile, both the 3.2 and V8 AWD variants are supplied by 3192 cc and 4414cc of petrol and can go as far as 7.12 and 6.5 kmpl, respectively.

Built and Styling

Indian customers have the ability to modify Volvo S80's appearance to drive it apart from the classy Scandinavian signature. One can actually add up racing stripes, put up a rear spoiler, change to a fat exhaust, and upgrade to wide tires to give it a ravishing sporty appeal. Add up the wild color schemes available only in India models and Volvo S80 will define perfection. The interior of Volvo S80 proudly presents comfort and luxury in every meaning of these words. Inside, there is an air quality control system that functions to prevent external pollutants from getting through by automatically closing the vents. The front seats made of perforated leather are designed in such a way as to create good ventilation for thermal adjustment. Volvo S80 also boasts of a rear entertainment system that provides rear passengers the comfort of enjoying a movie or a game during the trip. 


What makes a Volvo car is its renowned dedication for safety. Typical Volvo car security systems such as the side impact protection system better known as SIPS and the whiplash protection system or WHIPS are available in Indian Volvo S80 models. Also, it has an anti-lock braking system with hydraulic break assist. Airbags are also placed in different locations such as the dashboards and the passenger sides for protection in case of impact. So basically, one could not only enjoy the comfort and elegance that comes with a Volvo S80, but also taste the security that defines a Volvo car.

Color and Variants 

Volvo S80 comes in three variants D5, 3.2, and V8 AWD and fourteen captivating colors in India that are guaranteed to catch attention while on the road. One can select from varieties of metallic or pearl feel that come in hues of silver, grey, gold, white, blue, black, sapphire, and the breath-taking ruby red.

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