Tata Cars Reviews

Tata Aria Car Test Drive and Detailed Expert Review

Tata Aria Car Test Drive and Detailed Expert Review Hello and welcome to this new review of the Tata Aria.  We've seen a lot of new cars being launched, but this next vehicle is in a class of it's own.  A combination of the best in SUV qualities and the best in MPV qualities in one vehicle.  So without further a due it's over to an in depth review of the new Tata Aria. We Indians love SUVs.  It could be the size or the sheer pulling power, whatever.  We love SUVs and we buy Scorpios and Safaris in really larg... More Detail »

Tata Sumo Victa Review

Tata Sumo Victa Review Tata Sumo Victa Tata Motors added another car to its MUV segment with the launch of Tata Sumo Victa in 2004. The car with its great features and performance offers you true value of your money. In fact, the car is affordable and offers an edge over its competents by giving a stronger body. Sumo Victa Engine Tata Sumo Victa offers a powerful 1948 cc engine which giv... More Detail »

Tata Sumo Grande MK II Review

Tata Sumo Grande MK II Review Tata Sumo Grande MK II The brand new car, Tata Sumo Grande MK II, the popular SUV gives you the best of the two worlds by combining all the great functionalities of an SUV as well as giving you all the comforts so that you can take your family for a long journey! Since the past 13 years, the car has been continuously updated and modified to cater to the requirements of the people and give a tough competition to its rivals. ... More Detail »

Tata Sumo Victa DI Review

Tata Sumo Victa DI Review Tata Sumo Victa DI Tata Sumo Victa DI is made for muscle and power. It is one vehicle that you can take almost anywhere with very low maintenance cost and running cost It is a powerful yet easy to handle automobile. It comes with a very powerful diesel engine. Sumo Victa DI Engine It comes equipped with a 2956 cc Diesel DI Turbo Charged engine in all of its... More Detail »

Tata Indigo Marina Review

Tata Indigo Marina Review Tata Indigo Marina A car that does not compromise on power, luxury and safety, Tata Indigo Marina lives up to its tag of ‘Big on Space Big on Life’. It’s a C-segment car with a luxury of a sedan and utility of a MUV. It offers a lot of space, rear space for comfort, better fuel mileage and fuel economy. This one is actually a station wagon version of Tata’s popular model Indica. Indigo Marina Engine Th... More Detail »

Tata Indica V2 Review

Tata Indica V2 Review Tata Indica V2 Tata Indica V2 is one of the primary choices of Indian households and small-scale businesses. This vehicle is the most spacious among all small cars. The car is best known for its endurance, durability and the distance it can cover at a stretch. This indigenously car designed by Tata Motors is largely accepted by Indian and European car buyers. Indica V2 Engine Tata Indica V2’s Diesel Engine comes with 1396 cc, 4 cylinders. Th... More Detail »

Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano Review Tata Nano Tata Nano is the middle class’ dream car. Being the cheapest car in the car world, it is indeed an engineering marvel. The tiny car with the even tinier price tag encapsulates the dreams of a million Indians groping for a shot at urban prosperity.  Nano Engine The car has entirely aluminum made, 2 cylinder, 624cc, Bosch fuel injection (single injector) petrol engine mounted at the rear side, 33 horsepower (25 kW) 624cc (38 cu in). The displacement of the engine is 624cc, Mul... More Detail »

Tata Manza Review

Tata Manza Review Tata Manza Tata Motors launched Tata Manza which gives you a style and multiple functionalities in a single package. The car is rich with advanced features for the sophisticated users who expect more. The performance of the car is quite impressive and you can experience great fun while going for a ride. With luxurious features, the car is quite appealing and would be definitely loved by you for its exquisite sense of beauty and features. The car combines the best of all! Manza Engine ... More Detail »

Tata Safari Review

Tata Safari Review Tata Safari Tata Motors has made their mark in Sports utility car segment by introducing their wonderful, sturdy and attractive looking Tata Safari. The car is loaded with lots of features and specifications that offer a comfortable and easy drive along with safety. The interiors and exteriors of the vehicle are absolutely stunning and you can’t get your eyes off this car when you see it. its best performance and high fuel efficiency leaves many in ecstasy and few in... More Detail »

Tata Indigo e-CS Review

Tata Indigo e-CS Review Tata Indigo eCS Tata Indigo eCS rules the car segment and is best known for its innovative compact sedan design.  In fact the car is quite fuel efficient and offers a great mileage. You would definitely enjoy the thrilling experience which the car offers you and there is so much in store! Whether you are in a crowded place or a smooth road, the car is apt and you would have an amazing experience. The car offers a couple of trendy features that add to its grace and grandeur. With its reasonable price, the car is quite popular among the urban middl... More Detail »