Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano Review

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Tata Nano

Tata Nano is the middle class’ dream car. Being the cheapest car in the car world, it is indeed an engineering marvel. The tiny car with the even tinier price tag encapsulates the dreams of a million Indians groping for a shot at urban prosperity. 

Nano Engine

The car has entirely aluminum made, 2 cylinder, 624cc, Bosch fuel injection (single injector) petrol engine mounted at the rear side, 33 horsepower (25 kW) 624cc (38 cu in). The displacement of the engine is 624cc, Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI). Maximum power developed by the engine is 35 PS (26 kW; 35 hp) at 5200 rpm. Maximum torque is 48 Nm (35 ft lbf) at 2500 rpm to 3500 rpm. The compression ratio of the engine is 9.5: 1. Fuel consumption in highway is 26.00 kmpl while in city is 22kmpl. While the Nano is driven by gasoline-powered engine, few more-radical power plants have been proposed.  The thin designing scheme used in Tata Nano has minimized its weight, thus helping in maximizing the output per unit of energy exhausted and producing high fuel efficiency.  An electronic engine management system has been particularly designed to controls its performance.

Nano Design and Comfort

In comparison to Maruti 800 and Alto, Tata Nano seems to be having more space inside. The top model Tata Nano LX comes with three spoke steering wheel while base model & CX features rather simple two spoke one. A number of cost saving factors like hazard warning light switch have been placed behind the steering wheel. In order to save the wiring costs, the front power window switches have been placed on the center console. The legroom and head room are more than sufficient.

Nano Safety

Sticking to the concept that lesser weight needs lesser power, light weighing steel has been used in designing Tata Nano. Thus the Tatas have come up with a low–cost substitute without making any compromises on safety and the functioning of the model. The car has an all-resistant body made of flat solid using metal sheets and a stiff passenger space. The safety features include crumple zones, seat belts, intrusion tolerant doors, anchorages, firm seats and backside tailboard glass adhered to the body of the model. Tubeless tires further enhance the safety in Tata Nano.

Nano Variants, Price and Colors

Tata Nano is available in four variants including Tata Nano Standard, Deluxe, Luxury and Europa. The basic Standard version is priced at Rs. 1.42 lakhs with no extra features. The Deluxe Cx version is available at Rs. 1.71 lakhs and has air conditioning as extra feature. The Luxury Lx version comes at Rs.1.95 lakhs and has air conditioning and power windows. Europa is the export version which has not yet gone on sale. The car has been heavily upgraded to meet EU safety and emission standards. It is expected to be priced at around US $ 6000.

The colors available are Ivory White, Racing Red and the Summer Blue in the Standard, also Champagne Gold and Lunar Silver in CX.

The car is truly a value for your money product. With the latest versions, the car can meet the desires and wishes of every middle class household. So drive home your Nano today.

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