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Audi Q7 Review

Audi Q7 Review Audi Q7 a luxury SUV by Audi, a German Car Company founded in 1909 and known for its excellent luxury cars, has reached India and 2004 and promised an impressive range of car models to be made available in India. And remaining true to its promise, it has presented its luxury sports car in 2006 called the Audi Q7. Up until today, Audi Q7 is the leading sports utility vehicle provider in the luxury car segment. Engine Audi Q7 has 200 PS and 232.5 PS engines which come in t... More Detail »

Audi TT Review

Audi TT Review Audi TT was launched in India in March 2008 and is notable for its powerful performance and agility. It has a good blend of a sedan luxury and the typical coupe power and performance. It has luxury, style, elegance, class, comfort, and technology written all over it. It is one big thing that will surely make any car enthusiasts fall in love with it. It has almost everything a driver and a passenger would want in a car. Aside from that, its performance is also well tested and proven. There is no doubt that Audi TT can capture any car enthusiast’s dream car. ... More Detail »

Audi Q5 Review

Audi Q5 Review Audi Q5 was launched in India in 2009 with only two variants namely the 3.0 TDI q and the 2.0 TFSI q. Audi Q5 was created as a smaller version of the SUV Audi Q7 which was launched before it because there were some Indian consumers who prefer a smaller SUV although Q7 is doing well in the market. It is to be noted, however, that although available in the Indian market, manufacture of Audi Q5 is still in plants in Germany and these are exported as built products to India. ... More Detail »

Audi A4 Review

Audi A4 Review Audi A4 Car Review Audi A4 is the new sedan by leading German car manufacturing company - Audi. The car is amassed with great body, styling and luxury interiors- a perfect match for the Urban Indian roads! Stunning looks and ultra opulence and comfortable interiors of the car will surely make you fall in love with the car and captivate all your senses. Under the glossy body of the car rests the superb mechanics that offers power and performance to the car making it the king of roads and hearts of the masses. From every angle you will find perfection a... More Detail »

Audi A8 Review

Audi A8 Review Audi A8 Car Review Audi A8 comes with promising luxury and performance to give its customers all they would have ever thought of in addition to what all they desire. With its suave technology and great performance it gives a tough competition to the BMW and the higher version of Volkswagen and Mercedes. Engine The 3.0 TDI variant of Audi A8 is equipped with 2967cc V6 engine with TDI fuel systems and offers a Tiptronic 6 speed tran... More Detail »

Audi A6 Review

Audi A6 Review Audi A6 Car Review Audi is back with a luxury bang with the launch of its new, amazing sedan - Audi A6. Audi A6 redefines elegance and style and is fully of highly advanced features and full proof safety. Plush interiors and dynamic exteriors are simply the best. The car comprises of power, performance, great mileage, good fuel efficiency and most of the comfort you can ever have out of a luxury car. Engine Both petrol and diesel versions of ... More Detail »