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Mitsubishi Outlander Review

Mitsubishi Outlander Review Mitsubishi Outlander Mitsubishi Outlander is loaded with some of the attractive features and comes at a decent price. With its sporty looks, it captures your attention and you would love every bit of it. The car has been brought into the market segment after a lot of modifications in the design and addition of a myriad of features. All these characteristics make it an apt car for the car lovers and for those who crave for perfection. Engine ... More Detail »

Mitsubishi Montero Review

Mitsubishi Montero Review Mitsubishi Montero Mitsubishi Montero has all the features which would transform your drive into a pleasant and interesting one! With its bold and majestic looks, you get the royal feel when you enter the car. The best part about the car is that it is suitable for all weather conditions and terrains. The popular SUV gives a relaxed feeling to your senses and lets you have all the fun. With its monocoque body, the car is quite strong and durable and has been designed perfectly to bear all kinds of stresses. For those who command respect and luxury, Mit... More Detail »

Mitsubishi Lancer Review

Mitsubishi Lancer Review Mitsubishi Lancer The popular Japanese auto manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors came with its popular sedan car, Lancer which is complete with an assortment of advanced features for the advanced users. The perfect blend of styling and functionality has carved a niche for the car in the market and has proven to be a tough competitor for other cars. The car is a true value for money since it is equipped with almost everything which you would expect from a car. Engine ... More Detail »

Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Mitsubishi Pajero Review Mitsubishi Pajero With rugged, traditional looks of a Sports Utility Car, Mitsubishi Pajero rocks the Indian roads and has been under the spot lights of many hearts. This car is setting up new standards of performance and mileage and has striking exteriors and comfortable interiors that can help it climb up the rating charts. Magnificence is just the key that made this car possible to spin on the roads. Engine Mitsubishi Pajero co... More Detail »

Mitsubishi Cedia Review

Mitsubishi Cedia Review Mitsubishi Cedia Mitsubishi Cedia was introduced in the global market in the year 2006. The car is a combination of stylish, bold looks and comfortable and elegant interiors all assembled together using latest technology. It is well tested for the protection and safety of the occupants and captivates the people with its outstanding power delivery and remarkable fuel efficiency. This stylish sedan car is full of charm and glamour all set to titillate your fun nerves. Engine ... More Detail »