Hindustan Motors Ambassador Review

Hindustan Motors Ambassador Review

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The Hindustan Motors Ambassador is probably the most historic car in India’s history. Since as early as 1948, it has been produced in India. The Ambassador, as it is known, boasts of its distinctive Indian features although it has been modified with the British influence. Furthermore, the Ambassador has been considered as the “King of the Indian Roads”, a label that it has proudly stood up to until this time. This is because it continues to the most well-known car in India, being the most appropriate vehicle in India’s terrain.


The Hindustan Motors Ambassador has threae options for its engine among its variants. These are: the four-cylinder engine which powers up to 52 PS, 4200 rpm and ran with 106 Nm, 2200rpm torque which are featured in the Ambassador Grand 2000 DSZ and Classic 2000 DSZ AC PS among others, the four-cylinder OHC powered by 75 PS, 5000 rpm and 130 Nm, 3000 rpm torque used by the Classic 1800 ISZ, and its MPFI PS version among others, and the last engine type is the diesel engine generating a power of 56 PS, 4000 rpm and 112 Nm, 2500 rpm torque used by the Avigo 2000 DSZ Ambassador.

Built and Styling

The Ambassador is built in a way that it can satisfy and even exceed the expectations of its customer. It is equipped with several customer-friendly features. One is the wide leg room where passengers can move freely even with luggage inside the car. Another is the wise arrangement of seats so the interior of the car becomes spacious. It is also power steering and with a multi point fuel injection. It can also be easily repaired if ever there are problems because the mechanics are very simple, but this does not change the fact that its mileage is great. It is a hatchback in the recent times that pictures out the elegance of the old times. The air conditioning system of the Ambassador works pretty well in the Indian climate and suited in the temperature of its interior with leather seats.


The popular Ambassador comes with a brand of safety. It has shock absorbers in the form of torsion bar springs that can assist in strong impacts on the road. It also has a secured rear wheels which can assist in sudden brakes. Furthermore, it has semi-elliptical leaf springs which has shock absorbers in the rear end, serves best the kind of terrain that India has. Overall, the Ambassador has been trusted over time because it never failed the safety and security needs of its customers off road.

Variants and Colors

There are eleven variants available for the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. They are the Grand 2000 DSZ, Grand 2000 DSZ PW CL, Classic 1800 ISZ CNG, Classic 1800 ISZ, Classic 1800 ISZ MPFI PS, Avigo 2000 DSZ, Avigo 1800 ISZ MPFI, Grand 1800 ISZ MPFI, Grand 1800 ISZ MPFI PW CL, Classic 2000 DSZ AC PS and Grand 1800 ISZ CNG. They also come in various colors such as shades of green like Kilder and Forest, shades of white like Francoise and Crystal, and many others.

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