Ford Figo Review

Ford Figo Review

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Ford Figo Car Review

Ford Figo is a fast selling car in the hatchback segment which has a competitive edge over other cars because of space, design and the functionalities it offers. It deploys cutting edge technology to the enormous functionalities it offers at a very reasonable price.

Engine and Performance

Ford Figo gives you two options to choose from including the 1.2 petrol variant and 1.4 diesel variant. The main feature of the diesel engine is that it is similar to that which is deployed in Ikon and Fiesta or the Duratorq unit. On the other hand, the petrol variant uses the 1.4/1.6 Duratec engine. Ford is equipped with the 1.25-litre Sigma engine which offers multiple benefits in the form of reduced capacity along with a lower compression ratio of 9.75:1. It also enables the engine to even run on lower octane fuel without affecting the performance. To ensure that the engine remains cool Ford Figo offers a special water jacket as well. The presence of a digital throttle enables better control over the engine. The petrol engine churns out a maximum power of 70bhp at 6250 rpm which is not very appealing with a maximum torque of 102 Nm at 4000 rpm. As such the car accelerates to 100 kph in 16.3 seconds while it increases to 120 kph in 24.8s. If you compare this rate with Maruti Swift, then you would be definitely disappointed as it is 3.2 sec faster in terms of acceleration. The diesel variant offers a maximum power of 68 bhp at 4000 rpm and a peak torque of 16.3 Kgm at 2000 rpm.


Ford Figo features stylish design and you would love the way the nose has been styled. To add to the sporty look of the car is the slim and sleek upper grille and a huge lower grille. In fact other features including headlamps and wheel arches all enhance the beauty of its front end and car captures the attention of anyone looking at it from the front.

However, the rest of the body doesn’t feature the same modern looks and there is a gradual change. Certain features are outdated and resemble the previous generation cars. At the rear, you would notice the tailgate and tail-lamp cluster.

Ford Figo has been designed to ensure durability and features great suspension and steering capabilities to add to your convenience. Certain features have been redesigned and modified to ensure that the customers are at ease and feel great pleasure while driving the car.


Certain changes have been made in the interiors of Ford Figo. The dashboard offers enormous storage space in the form of central console, door pockets and glove box. The dashboard is available in two colour options including red and black. The interiors of the car have a very suave and pleasing look with great combination of silver as well.

Many entertainment and comfort features are present as an add-on the car to offer you a smooth and great journey. Ford Figo comes with DIN audio system, MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition there are also certain active and passive features in the form of ABS and airbags to keep the car loaded with all the essentials.

Figo is quite comfortable as it provides plenty of legroom and headroom. The seats are really comfortable and the front seats offer a soothing effect due to their padding. The driver’s seat can also be adjusted accordingly at a suitable height. Besides, the car is quite airy and there is an air-con processor which gives you a pleasant effect even in the scorching heat. Besides, there is sufficient room for the luggage as well.

However one of the shortcomings of Figo is the lack of sufficient legroom at the rear. This makes it slightly difficult for the passengers to occupy the rear seats as they need to adjust in order to sit because of the low sloping roof.

Ride and handling

Ford Figo gives you a very comfortable and great ride with lots of elements which make you yearn for more. In fact, you can go for long journeys as the suspension system has been designed brilliantly which ensures that you do not have to face and jerks or bumps during the journey. It doesn’t produce any noise and is functional at all the speeds. The car has an amazing stability.

Besides, Ford Figo also makes parking easier for you as the steering is pretty comfortable and lets you at ease even at low speeds. The smooth steering of Ford Figo makes your ride comfortable and appreciable. This has been done made possible with hydraulic steering.

The car has a beautifully designed chassis. You need to give slight effort while applying breaks by putting more pressure on the pedal to slow down quickly.

Conclusion on Ford Car Review

In simple words, Ford Figo is not as impressive in design as compared to the other hatchback cars in the B-segment. Besides, the 1.2 petrol variant is also not as effective as other engines and fails to come up to their level. However, the diesel variant delivers a better performance in comparison to the petrol variant. The car offers you impressive ride and handling which is a trademark of all the Ford cars. Some other features include comfort, space, built and equipments. Ford Figo Price is affordable and you can definitely go for the diesel variant of the car.

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Commented By : Pradeep Kumar Agarwal
Commented On : 2012-03-09
Information is good but u should give the information regarding fuel consumption which is also one of the vital information for deciding factor.
Commented By : J D Dalwadi
Commented On : 2011-11-25
What Km/Hr fuel efficiency of Durateq Diesel model and number of cylinders in engine?
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