VW Polo - A marvelous little hatch from Volkswagen

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Posted By : Himanshu Udeshi
Posted On : 2012-03-01
Description - The moment the VW brand entered India I was really excited. It was not much time within which they actually launched a fleet of their cars in our country. But one of the best offerings that the company has for all those who are looking to buy a Volkswagen at the entry level is the Polo. The car is very well designed and has one of the best exteriors in the segment it is offered. The interiors on the other hand have been quite simple which could have been a bit better though. But I truly love my Polo which was a pinch to my pocket for about 5.2lacs was worth paying for. The acceleration and the power it comes with is simply amazing adding to the solid built exteriors. I chose the white color for my car and then added some sporty stickers and fog lights to my car. And let me tell you the car looks awesome as a sports car would have. I love the amazing powerful horn that the company gives the car. When inside the cabin is silent drive with the air conditioner on which also is amazingly strong. The car presents you with a comfortable ride on bumpy roads too. Also when at highest speeds it gives you the feel of a heavy and well gripped car.
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