Toyota Prius Truly magical car to own

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Posted By : Dileep Attoor
Posted On : 2012-02-24
Description - It’s hardly that you would come across a car of the scale of the Prius. Although I don’t own it I would like to write my personal experience with the car which I had been given for the 2 month long stay in Delhi for my company. It’s really one car which I would buy the day I have that amount of money lol…. Moreover the looks are killing as all would say and the power of the powerful engine. I dint really drive the car but as a user the car is a real comfort vehicle to be in especially when you are on long roads. The elegant interiors with the use of classic and extraordinary materials are something that has been appealing. When on bad roads it was hardly a feeling of what was below the wheels. In terms of spacing the car has great space from all quarters. One more thing that has been striking are the dashboard and the headlights of the car. While the headlights a sexy as it could be the Dashboard is something that seems full of stuff all around. The car packs in a powerful ac which is cools faster than you would have thought it to. The summers in Delhi were truly calming when I was inside this for my tours. All in all a dream car which has it all space, power and style.
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