Hyundai Eon small but luxurious car

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Posted By : Vinod Kumar
Posted On : 2012-02-03
Description - Firstly I would like to say that I have been always associated with the Hyundai brand, so while buying cars I like to look out for Hyundai cars without much comparison. I went for Hyundai Eon as soon as it came in the markets. It was pretty stylish and met all my requirements. I didn’t have a very high budget so according to the situation Eon was looking like the best option for me. The car has a typical styling done which is similar to the Hyundai cars. The seats are pretty comfortable but sometimes front seats seem to be a bit uncomfortable. In the front seats the company has done some cost cutting which makes the car a bit dull, as the drivers will not be able to get proper head rest. The backseats are very comfortable and provide good amount of rest the people at the back.
The engine is good enough though still I feel it could have been worked upon and made better. Eon has the heaviest engine in its range and the mileage is very good as it reaches around 17 Km/l in the city. I feel very comfortable while driving as the suspension and the transmission of the car is very good. The looks of the cars are have satisfied me to a great extent along with lights and the curves. Though it is small in size but it can satisfy the requirements of a small family like mine. It doesn’t provide many problems so I think it has been a good buy for me.
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