Eagerly waiting for this Renault Pulse which looks just more sportier

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Posted By : Dharma G.
Posted On : 2012-03-07
Description - Even though I am not aware of the fact if the car has hit the Indian roads but I haven’t seen one. A day before I was reading the preview for Renault Pulse on a site and then got excited to know more about this car. Searching on Google I landed on this site where I got to know the details of what the car actually promises to offer. Reading through the specs I made up my mind to know what others feel and what I feel this car might offer to me as the user. I heard that the car has been manufactured on the same platform as the Nissan Micra and pretty much is the same in size. The car looks good in styling and it could definitely attract small car buyers. With the fluence making its debut a while back people would surely start anticipating that this would be a great offer by the company in this segment too. If anybody has more news about it I would surely like to hear from them as I am planning for a car in the next few months and want to go for the newest offering in this segment among which this has really brought in more interest to me.
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