The all new S class by Mercedes India comes packed with features

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At an age when every big name in the automobile industry is calling for luxury cars, Mercedes says the concluding words. It should not be a wonder if the total number of luxury cars sold by Mercedes exceeds total number of luxury cars sold by the others combined. Mercedes has always been ahead in launching the new generation of the flagship luxury car, the S class, when others plan to launch theirs. 

The S class saw the light with its W116 series in 1972. However, German auto major considers Ponton 1954 to have been its 1st official S class. Through a period of sixty years, the S class has continued to remain the most favoured and the most popularly sold luxury car. The new addition to the S class series, the 2014 W22, is expected to create an all new benchmark for the luxury car maker while adding dimensions to its popularity. The technologies that have been developed in the S class models have upgraded all the luxury cars in the world. 

The first car model in Europe to contain airbags was the S class. Likewise, it had been the 1st car around the globe to have popularized the ABS system in 1976, crumple zones in 1957, and the first to have traction control in 1995. The car has also made a number of innovations in implementing safety measures such as the Pre Safe system to resist collision and a night version appearing first in 2005. 

The all new S class has added a number of features that include the swept black LED headlamps. The new model shall sport a Three Pointed Star as its hood ornament. On the interior, the car is equipped with four seats that have individual cooling and heating systems along with individual massaging systems. Large twin screens have been provided on the dashboard creating the driver console and central console. While the diesel engine option is to follow soon, Mercedes Benz would first introduce only 4.6 l, V8 twin turbo petrol engine with S500 badging.