Nissan to expand network to strengthen presence in India

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Nissan has planned to expand its network of dealerships in India by 3 folds to 350 outlets in next 3 years. Cities in tier-II & III are the target of Japanese automobile company. Nissan is already running a road show of its first launch under the Datsun brand in 90 cities.

Mr. Ajay Raghuvanshi, the Vice President of Business Management at Nissan India Motors, officially said that the company aims to increase its dealerships from 117 to 350 in India by the end of 2016. He explained that in addition to big cities, small towns and rural areas will also be covered by the upcoming 350 dealerships. The decision to touch outskirts and villages has been made due to the fact rural areas account for 20% of the sales for the Japanese car manufacturer. Numerically, of 1.6 lakh vehicles that Nissan sells in India, 30,000 go to rural areas.

In April-November, 2013, Nissan sold 15,091 units, which marks downfall by 41.74% compared to sales in the previous year. The expansion of dealership is to increase the current 1.2% market-share to 10% by 2016. Datsun Go and the later launches under the brand are expected to have significant role in this feat.

Nissan will adopt a separate and more aggressive marketing strategy Datsun in India. As result of this realisation, Nissan plans to sell Datsun brands by its own instead of handing it to, Hover Automotive, sales and service associate of Nissan.