New Suzuki Scoop compact SUV

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Suzuki Scoop will be the compact SUV with the new diesel engine, which is under development and will feature in different car segments such as compact SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and a pickup truck. It will be the first diesel engine to be manufactured by Suzuki.

The dependence of Suzuki on Fiat Motors for diesel engines will soon be over. The Japanese automobile manufacturer is in the process of developing its own diesel power unit, which will be used in various cars. The company has been somewhat alienated due to the purchase of 20% of its stakes by Volkswagen in 2009.

The unit to be produced is 800cc 2-cylinder engine for Y9T, which is a pickup truck. It is likely to be introduced in early 2015. Using the first diesel engine in an LCV prior to passenger cars is quite a smart decision by the Japanese. Efficiency expectation is not as high in commercial vehicles as in private cars. The same engine will be variously refined to power hatchbacks, SUVs and sedans. However, Suzuki will have to quickly climb up the development and refinement process to launch diesel cars.

The next in the line of diesel engines will be 1.5-litre motors, which is likely to be derivation of combination of Y9T engines. Though the resultant engine will be 1.6-litre unit, Suzuki will downgrade it to exploit tax norms. This engine will power compact SUV, which will be developed especially for Indian automobile market. The same engine or slight variant will be used in bigger hatchbacks and saloons.