Mercedes plans to launch its GLK class in India in 2016

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Mercedes Benz India is planning to launch its next generation 2016 GLK class in the year 2016. GLA that is the infant version of GLK would hit the US markets in 2014 or 2015. The launch is supposed to take place in 2016's first quarter. There are chances that this SUV would make its debut during the Auto Expo 2014 in India and the first model about to arrive would belong either to the GLA class or the CLA class. 

The MRA platform would underpin the new generation 2016 and it has been codenamed internally as W253. The car model shall also be available in the right hand drive layout. The car is presently sold in the LHD markets. Mercedes has never come up with RHD version due to the drive shaft position of the car that leaves no space for right footwell.